About Duton's

Since 1999

Duton's International was established in 1999. With branches in Tianjin, London, Beijing, and New York, Duton's is the first Chinese auction house to start its business in Europe. With academic exhibition centers including Duton's Culture, China Space and Duton's Arts Gallery, Duton's has now established an international Chinese classical arts innovative trading platform with integrated services including auctions, exhibitions, private sales, and investment. Duton's is also a qualified first-grade national cultural relics auction house. 

Integrity, positioning, innovation, competitiveness, and loyalty have remained the core of Duton's value for nearly two decades. Over the past few years, Duton's has organized many outstanding themed auctions, with multiple artworks setting new auction records in Asia. In addition, with nearly 200 exhibitions in the past twenty years, Duton's not only manifests the value of the arts industry but also takes on the responsibility of protecting the world cultural relics. 

Philanthropy is another dedication of Duton's. In 2008, Duton's "New Power of Ink Wash" Charity Auction raised approximately 400, 000 yuan for the Wenchuan Earthquake. Since 2009, Duton's has organized and participated in many painting and calligraphy work charity auctions and donated all of the income to charity organizations. In 2009, Duton's co-founded 'Arts Charity Fund' with Tianjin Charity Association to support arts students and artists in need. Working with youth foundations, Duton's has helped nearly 300 children from poor families since 2010. In 2015, joining fellow auction houses together, Duton's co-hosted a charity auction with the Federation of Industry and Commerce and raised 3.7 million yuan for the Tanggu explosions. In 2016, during Exhibition: Appreciation of China, Duton's (UK) organized a charity auction party in memory of Chinese workers, contributing to UK's first monument of the Chinese Labour Corps.

Duton's appreciates your support along the way ever since 1999. We look forward to the mutual development to come. Let our imagination soar, and make steady strides into the bright future. 

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